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At Leopold Early Learning Centre we aim to instill the importance of maintaining a lifelong respect of food with a particular focus on sustainability. It is important that children understand where food comes from and our centre uses fresh produce that we grow ourselves or source from local producers where possible.

Nutrition plays an important role in the quality of the education and care we provide and we provide meals and snacks that are delicious, essential for growth and development and consistent with best practice guidelines.

Whenever children gather to eat and drink, it becomes an opportunity for social interactions and language development. Our educators create a relaxed and home-like atmosphere while ensuring that the nutritional value of the meal meets the child’s needs.

The menus at Leopold Early Learning Centre are reviewed each season to include seasonal food and produce and to ensure variety. Food is prepared in different ways reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the children attending our centre.

We support mothers who wish to breastfeed their child whilst in our service and we welcome parent input into our menu planning and the individual needs or preferences of your child.

The Kitchen and each room have a copy of all dietary requirements and food allergies , we also encourage families to meet with our Cook during the orientation process to discuss your child’s specific needs.

To ensure strict compliance with all nutritional guidelines and due to children’s allergies, we ask all families not to bring food into the centre.

We also endeavour to assist parents in developing good food attitudes and habits for their children as well as providing support and nutritional information for the families.