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We all have a responsibility to understand the role we play in ensuring the safety of children and each other as well as meeting the regulatory requirements governing health, safety and wellbeing.

Our dedicated Compliance Manager assists us all in understanding our responsibilities in relation to safety and wellbeing.

Our Safety & Wellbeing program is dedicated to the safety of our children, Educators, families and visitors.


Incidents & Emergencies

The potential for incident, injury, trauma and illness can be reduced when policies and procedures are in place which guide decision-making and best practice.

While health and safety policies and procedures will not eliminate unforeseen events they will reduce the potential risk and provide a framework for the management of incident, injury, trauma and illness as and when they occur.

In the event or a minor incident, first aid will be administered by educators and recorded. If a more serious incident occurs, parents will be contacted immediately. Please ensure that we have up to date contact information for all parents and emergency contacts.

In emergency situations, should the person in charge of the centre at the time determine the injuries to be serious, an ambulance will be called immediately.


When groups of children play together, illness and communicable diseases can spread from one child to another despite very high health and hygiene practices. We strive to ensure that everyone is provided with a high level of protection whilst at the service. Therefore children, educators and visitors must be well enough to fully participate in the days activities or stay home from the service until they are well enough to do so.

If your child starts showing symptoms of an illness whilst in our care, we will contact the parent or other nominated person to discuss the symptoms. In some cases it may be necessary for the child to be collected.

If your child has recently suffered from a contagious on contractible illness, a specific exclusion period may apply and a medical clearance must be provided before your child returns to care.

High Temperature

If your child unexpectedly develops a high temperature (38 degrees or higher), we will contact the parents or other nominated person to arrange for the child to be collected as soon as possible. A single dose of paracetamol may be given to the child if the parent has previously given permission on the Enrolment Application for the administration of paracetamol and this permission has been confirmed verbally.

At the discretion of the Manager should you or another emergency contact not be able to collect the child quickly, an ambulance may be called to ensure the wellbeing of your child.


All medication must be clearly marked with your child’s name, name of the medication and the dosage clearly state on the pharmacist’s label. Medication should be given directly to a team member upon arrival at the centre, it will then be stored in a secure location. A Medication Form needs to be completed upon arrival, this must be filled out to allow us to administer the medication. Non-prescription medications such as Panadol, Nurofen, nappy creams, teething gels etc also require the completion of a Medication Form.

Asthma & Allergy Action Plans

If your child suffers from Asthma or Allergies, an action plan will be completed in consultation with the family and the child’s doctor. This will be used at the centre in the event of an asthma or allergy attack. Any associated medications will require a Medication Form to be completed.