three year old girl drawing at learning center


Nurturing Children’s Wonder

Inspiring Awe

From the way we read a storybook to the toys that fill our room, we aim to inspire awe through every simple thing we do.

Adventuring Together

We don't need to leave the centre to go on spectacular adventures together, from the world outside to the world of our imaginations.

Letting Life Sparkle

Friendships, mealtimes, story sharing, watching butterflies float by. We let life's little moments sparkle and inspire pure joy.

Taking Cognitive Journeys

Learning begins with fun and cognitive journeys of discovery. We set the sense and tantalise the senses and let our little ones do the rest.

Our Program

We understand that children learn and develop through play. Our educators provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences to strengthen and extend all children’s skills and interests. We believe communication is the most important tool to develop and maintain strong and personalized relationships between our Educators and families.

Through our program, children are exposed to and explore a range of structured and unstructured learning experiences that focus on social and emotional well-being, reading and writing skills, and the development of communication skills.

Personalised Experience

We pride ourselves on the connections that we share with our families and the personalized experience that we provide. It is important to us that our families feel as though they belong to the center community and understand that their unique talents, ideas, and skills are valued as part of the curriculum.

Constant communication between families, Educators, children and our community is fundamental to the curriculum and creates a rich education and social environment for everyone involved. Each family’s dynamic is unique and we work with you to ensure that we understand your individual needs and accommodate and nurture your requirements.

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