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Personalised Experience

We pride ourselves on the connections that we share with our families and the personalised experience that we provide.

It is important to us that our families feel as though they belong to the centre community and understand that their unique talents, ideas and skills are valued as part of the curriculum.

Constant communication between families, Educators, children and our community is fundamental to the curriculum and creates a rich education and social environment for everyone involved.

Each family’s dynamic is unique and we work with you to ensure that we understand your individual needs and accommodate and nurture your requirements.

Casual and Emergency Care

We understand the peace-of-mind that Casual or Emergency Care places can bring to families in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Through the use of our Casual Bookings Smartphone Application, families will be able to view real-time availability and make a casual booking outside of normal operating hours.

Parent Education

Every family is unique and brings their own ideas and values to the role of a parent. We respect this and would like to provide opportunities for parents to get together and share ideas. We believe parents should be provided information that will complement their parenting styles as well as giving them a deeper understanding of what we do and why.

As well as providing opportunities for parent events, our experience has shown us that through the effective use of technology, we can provide information and engage with families who may find it difficult to participate at a centre level.


Effective Use of Technology

We believe that the effective use of technology assists with communication and engagement with parents, Educators and children whilst also automating processes which leave us more time to share, learn and grow together.

One tool that we use in our centre is Kindyhub, an online child portfolio program that enables parents to view observations, learning stories and photos of their child and to keep in contact with their child’s Educator. This software also keeps parents updated on events at the centre and encourages their participation within the program.

Tablet technology integrated with our child care management software provides our families with an efficient and accurate method of signing your child in and out of the centre each day. We also provide a similar method for our Educators to record their times and attendance.

Technology is also embraced and encouraged within our curriculum through the use of webcams, data projectors, screens, computers and class blogs.

Quality & Compliance

Providing high quality in all areas of the National Quality Framework is exceptionally important to us. It is for this reason that we have a Quality & Curriculum Leader and a Compliance Manager as part of the Leopold Early learning team.

Understanding the Quality Areas is the first step. It is then crucial to reflect upon how the centre meets these areas and where improvements are required. These reflections will form the basis of the Quality Improvement Plan for the centre and assist in the preparation of the Assessment and Rating process that we undertake as part of the National Quality Framework.

Using the seven Quality Areas as a guide, our Quality & Curriculum Leader and Compliance Manager work closely with the Manager and Educators to enhance knowledge and guide practice.

Our Community

Community Contributions

We seek to be an integral part of the community surrounding our centre through collaboration with neighbours, schools, local businesses and community organisations. We believe in utilising the assets and facilities that are available in our community and giving back by way of active involvement and financial contribution where appropriate.

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to caring for and educating others to care for our planet. We have an important role to play in educating our children to protect our environment today and into the future. Our sustainability initiatives focus on what happens in our centres as well as children and families in the home.

Enrolment & Privacy

We understand that time is precious for families so in order to make the enrolment process as simple and convenient for you as possible, you have the opportunity to join our waiting list online or in person.

You are required to provide your most current contact details and enrolment preferences. When a vacancy becomes available, we will contact you with an offer of enrolment. We then arrange a time for you to come into our centre and complete your enrolment.

The Manager will work through the documentation requirements with you. Any information provided as part of the enrolment process is strictly confidential and is only used internally for the direct purposes of your child’s enrolment. Permission will be sought from the family if information is required for any other use. Further information about the privacy of your information is found on our Enrolment Form.

Priority of Access Guidelines

Leopold Early Learning Centre operates in accordance with the Australian Governments Priority of Access Guidelines. It is a requirement that every Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approved education and care service follows these guidelines which are in place to assist with the allocation of places when there is a waiting list or when a number of parents are applying for a limited number of vacant positions.


In accordance with these guidelines, it may be necessary to alter your child’s booked days if a higher priority of access child requires care. This is only effected if absolutely necessary.

Fees & Payments

Our centre is a cash-free business; promoting a safer environment for our team and families. All aspects of our Fees & Payments policy is designed to give our team and parents peace-of-mind that the margin for mistakes is minimised and allows more time to be spent with the children and less time on administration.

Payment of Fees

All fees are to be paid by Debitpro which is a secure, online payment system where you can elect to pay your fees via direct debit from either a bank account or credit card. Fees are deducted from your nominated account fortnightly. A Statement of Account will be issued to all families fortnightly via email.


Accounts are to be paid fortnightly in arrears. If you fall behind with your account, your child may risk losing their place. Should you have any questions regarding your account or difficulty settling an account, please see the Manager as soon as possible.


Two weeks notice is required to cancel your care. It is important to remember that any absences during the last four weeks of attendance are charged at the full fee (no CCS may be claimed) as mandated by the Government Regulations.


A review of the fees charged is undertaken annually. Fees may increase due to a range of factors however, families will be provided with notice before this occurs.

Casual Bookings

Casual bookings for extra days are welcome if the centre has a vacancy. Through the use of our Casual Bookings Smartphone Application, you can view real-time availability and make a casual booking outside of normal operating hours or you can contact the Manager directly.


In order to operate in a safe and efficient environment for our family, children and Educators, we ask that you observe and adhere to the following procedures.

Signing In & Out

Parents, friends and family members who are authorised to collect your child should make certain that the sign in and out system if followed at all times. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, we have a record of your child’s attendance.

If your child has been absent, it is important to record them as ‘absent’ on the day they were not at the centre. This is to be confirmed on the following day after the absence.

Collecting Your Child

Leopold Early Learning Centre takes the security and safety of your child very seriously. Anyone collecting a child for the first time (authorised person) will be asked to present photo identification. Educators or support staff may request ID at any time.

A child will not be released into the care of anyone under the age of 18 or anyone not listed on the enrolment form as an Authorised Person and /or Emergency Contact. If you wish to nominate an additional person as an Authorised Contact, please advise a member of staff and this will be arranged.

Late Arrival to Collect Your Child

As per Children’s Regulations (Strictly enforced), We require a minimum of two educators in the service at any time we care for children. A late fee of $20.00 for every 15 minutes or part thereof is payable.
Important: Parents must ring the service if they are going to be late, even if the call makes you later still.


Public Holidays & Sick Days

Under the Commonwealth Government’s CCS Regulations, CCS applies for up to 42 unexplained absences per financial year; this includes absences due to holidays, public holidays or sickness. Once the initial 42 days have been exhausted, additional absences may be claimed under certain circumstances.


Sick days are charged at the normal fee.  

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