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Sleep & Settling for Infants

As parents, figuring out what our infants need in terms of sleep, and working out methods to use to help settle them, can certainly be a challenge! We were fortunate to have Cindy Davenport, Clinical Director of Safe Sleep Space, join us for an Instagram Live Q&A on Infant Sleep & Settling on August 28th, on our @familyquestiontime platform. If you would like to catch up on the Q&A, you can watch it here.

To further support our families in navigating this sometimes tricky space, our educators have been working through the Safe Sleep Space training course throughout this year and are well equipped to work alongside you to tackle any sleep and settling questions or challenges you may be experiencing. Our goal is to work with you to reach the best possible outcomes for your child and family, with ultimately, all of us on the same page working together. Please reach out to your child’s educator if you are looking for some assistance in this area.

Additionally, Cindy and her team at Safe Sleep Space have provided some fantastic tip sheets which you may also find useful. Your child's educator has these tip sheets on hand and would only be too happy to not only share them with you but also work through them with you.

Finally, Cindy and her team have also provided our families with free access to their online parent learning hub, Nourish Baby, where you can access their Guide to Babies (Birth to 12 months) course, or their Guide to Toddlers (1 to 3 years) course. Next time you're in the centre, just pop in to reception to find out about how you can access this fantastic, evidence based resource.